webflow maplocations

This project was developed to help webflowers easily create and adjust store locations on their websites.


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webillium map locations for webflow

We are developers who love Webflow, and believe that everything can be done on Webflow. We want to help Webflowers be able to achieve more within Webflow. Our first feature is a Webflow store locator which is free to integrate and use. We have decided to dedicate lots of our time towards Webflow tools in 2021 most of which will be for free!

We are self funded, in order to support us, please subscribe. Our subscription list will be what determines how many tools we develop, and how fast we do it and which order we do it in.

Our map locations is completely free to use, and easy to setup.

webillium map location features

Easy 30 Second Integration

Custom Design Your Locator

100% Free

Encrypted Code

Video Tutorials For Setup

Customize Map Style and Icons

Connected with Webflow CMS

Cloneable Starter Projects

Setup Guide

upcoming webflow projects

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